Charity Fund

Every year, Ooede Art Capital will donate 30% of its profits to three affiliated public welfare funds: Confucian Education Fund, Artist Growth Fund, and Poverty Relief Fund.

Confucian Education Fund
Confucianism is the political economy of governing a country in peace. We strive to provide learning opportunities for Chinese children around the world. The Children's Confucian Fund will invest in the establishment of Confucian academies worldwide, so that Chinese children and overseas Chinese have the opportunity to receive traditional Chinese cultural education from the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism from an early age. If you are a beneficiary of Confucianism and have aspirations to engage in education, please contact us no matter where you are, and we will assist you in establishing a local Confucian academy.

Artist Growth Fund
We have seen artists with good artistic accomplishments but living in poverty and obscurity. We have established the Artist Growth Fund to help such artists grow, to be free from the influence of life, and to focus on artistic creation, providing them with a platform and opportunities to showcase their artistic achievements. Supported art projects are mainly in the fields of fine arts, music, and drama. If you are a cultured artist, please contact us and send us your works and introduction via email.

Poverty Relief Fund
Aimed at helping poverty caused by war and natural disasters, providing food and assistance.